Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creative Solutions in the New Economy

One of the main reasons a couple may remain under the same roof even in the unhappy situation where they agree their relationship as a couple is over, is because of the cost of physically separating. How can the couple contemplate existing under two household roofs while still earning the same family income? And in our new economy, how can the couple separate when the main family asset – the family home – is not likely to sell in the foreseeable future due to the quiet real estate market we are experiencing? The influences and effects of the new economy show even more vividly why the collaborative legal process is so attractive to separating couples over the court option. A judge’s hands are tied with respect to applying creative solutions. The courtroom is a place of blunt, inflexible justice, to be sought only when the parties in dispute have exhausted all other means of resolving the differences between them. But in the collaborative process, the parties are free to explore every possible solution that arises through the process, since the parties have opted out of the requirement of applying the strict law to the issues arising from their uncoupling. Now, more than ever, we need creative solutions to dispute resolution. The time for change is here.